Living the high life – dab rig

In the Event You’ve been smoking weed for a while now, you will Or may possibly not be aware of the presence of the certain tool referred to as the dab rig.
What is a dab rig?
Basically, an specially constructed pipe employed to Vaporize cannabis extracts is popularly called an oil rig or perhaps a bong along with also the course of action is called dabbing.
An oil rig consists of a chamber. The chamber will be Broadly speaking made from glass. The glass chamber is related to some nail or some banger.

The process of pruning can end up being problematic for novices, notably without supervision from experienced individuals, but the consensus may be that the excellent outcomes of dabbing make it worthwhile in the very long run.
Main elements of an oil rig:
• Oil rig: Like a bong however allows for the addition of the nail.
• Caution: Like a bowl. Utilized to support the concentrate.
• Dabber: Employed to apply the concentrate to this nail
• Carb cap: Employed to modulate airflow whilst still inhaling.
• Torch: Used to warm the nail into quite a higher temperature.
Actions involved in dabbing:
• Intention the flashlight at the nail and heating it turns reddish.

• Turn off the flashlight. Enable the nail to awesome to get approximately 4-5 seconds.
• Apply the dab onto the nail by way of the dabber a de start the process of stirring gradually but .
• Cover up the dab using a carbohydrate cap to modulate heat.
• Exhale and get fun!
Final words:
If you feel like you’ve gotten tired of this routine Manner of smoking marijuana, subsequently using a petroleum rig can certainly help spice things up. Take care to properly investigate before deploying it ask for the oversight of someone more capable.