The Tombs With The Beautiful Skin Have The Best Outer Surface

Everything needs to have a beautiful finish, and this can only be done with a better appearance. Be it a living thing or a non-living thing; it has to have not a nice appearance but a nice finish of the final layer, which is important and required in tuan-tuan (lang mo da dep). The end layer’s finish, which will be touched and will be visible to the people, has to be the best, whether the material inside is rough and tough, but it cannot be the same way outside. The thing has to be felt and seen as good as possible. It is known that these are stone and rock made tombs and things which are very tough to smoothen or shine, but it has to be done. This tells us that it is a very tough activity.

Know more about the art of stones and rocks-
The designing, making, the smoothening the last layer, the bao gia lang mo, all the things are a part of the stone and rock making tomb and other things that the people liked. They are being ordered from a distance, asked for details in it, making it customized, and all the things have led it to be a very successful and nice work to do. The work is done with the raw materials, different types of stones and rocks is a piece of art that one can find. There are different raw materials used for different things to make, according to suitability.
And people from different places have been crazy about this and want to own it piece. That’s why they specially ask them for their passed loved one or ancestors to make it special and memorable.