What you will not like about moving to Canada

PR Canadais not all rosy, and that is why you have to do your research first before you start your application. The following are some of the things that you ought to know.
The process of immigration can be challenging
As you process your documents for PR canada, the entire experience might not be encouraging at all. The immigration laws of Canada are very tough, with each year only about 250,000 immigrants allowed in. The figure is inclusive of any refugees that the government might decide to take in.

Even if your motive is to go and work in Canada for a short period, the application fees might be expensive making it not worth it. Skilled workers are given a priority, but if you have all it takes to prove that you are capable of adding value to the Canadian economy, then it will be easy. Otherwise, it might be a nightmare for you.
Don’t think of Canada as Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal
If you decide that you want to live outside of Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, when processing your PR Canada, then you will discover that being able to access some of the modern resources might be demanding and challenging.
You will be forced to order items online and have them delivered to you, which is a privilege that comes with added taxes or tariffs depending on where the item is being brought from. If you are the type who enjoys going to entertainment events or concerts, your options might be limited to the three cities above.
The exchange rate for the Canadian dollar is not much
The exchange of Canadian money has not been that good as compared to other developed countries across the world.