Wine observation and things that you will be looking for

The first step in the wine experience process is observation. This has nothing to do with how the wine taste. There is so much information that one can find out through observing wine. To do that, you will need to fill your glass with less than a quarter of wine. After you have poured the wine in a glass, you should then gaze at it. Make sure that your eyes are directly above the wine glass. By doing that, you will have a clear view of the rim. You will also know about the body color of the wine by gazing through it. If you look very carefully, you will know the grape variety, the age of the grape, and the terroir of the grapes. What else should you be looking for? Here are some of the things to look for when you are looking at your wine

Check the wine age
If you are dealing with red wine, an older red wine will be appearing orange, rustic-red, and it can also look like it is opaque. If the wine is younger, you should expect it to have some purple hues. White wine also changes color as they age. Most of them will acquire a dark and mustard yellow hue as they age.
Checking the alcohol sugar
You can also check the alcohol sugar of your wine by looking at it. When you are observing, and realize that there is something like ‘tears of wine,’ that is an indicator of the alcohol content in the wine. The longer the ‘tears of wine’ in your wine, the stronger the alcohol content. Therefore, you can observe the wine tears during wine degustations